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Zoomanzi.com is designed and developed with the sole objective of providing a compendium in the domain of healthcare services. It is a knowledge bank where a plethora of information is unravelled about doctors, hospitals, path labs and medical stores with a click of a mouse.

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  • Doctors

    Zoomanzi provides you with basic professional information on virtually every licensed Doctor!

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  • Hospitals

    Need to find a hospital near to you? Use our extensive search facility to find the nearest hospital.!

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  • Medical Stores

    Find a Chemist in Bareilly city by Searching through over 9142 records.!

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  • Path Labs

    Book a test · Offers and Announcements · Search for Tests by Condition!

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    We are happy to welcome anyone, with our community feeling acceptive of all kinds of people!

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    Find all types of nursing, hospital, healthcare administration and physician jobs from zoomanzi!

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    Your blood can save four people when the separation of its components and not one person!